Nona Lim

Nona Lim


Asian Comfort Food for the Flavor Obsessed.

Growing up in Singapore, Nona Lim – the Founder and namesake – would spend lots of time at the hawker center by her home. It was filled with hundreds of hawkers, each of whom had spent decades perfecting a signature dish. As a child, she would place her order and stand in front of the stall, intently watching and learning. Everyone from Singapore is arguably a passionate foodie, and she became one as well. In 2014, the Nona Lim brand was born – to bring to consumers her favorite dishes from her childhood but made with the wonderful ingredients available in the Bay Area. Slow-simmered bone broths with healing Asian herbs, fresh rice noodles made in Singapore with the perfect texture; these are all dishes that nourish her and remind her of the comfort of home. As life is hectic, she obsesses over creating products that not only have amazing flavors and which are healthy but also easy to enjoy. #AllFlavorNoCrap

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