Clean, Fresh, Singapore-Inspired Deliciousness.  

Nona Lim manufactures and markets a unique yet accessible portfolio of fresh, clean-ingredient, Asian-inspired products, including broths, rice noodles, ramen and ready-to-drink soup cups.  The company is founded on the belief that taste, convenience, and health are paramount to the next generation of consumers.

Female Founder and CEO Profile - As a former professional athlete, Nona discovered the power of food as functional medicine.  She started by designing a healing, nutrient-dense, non-inflammatory meal delivery program made with fresh, plant-rich whole ingredients.  Today, driven by demand, she sells restaurant-quality ready-to-eat and ready-to cook versions of these products in grocery stores nationwide.




Press and Reviews

Disrupting Beverage

Nona Lim is set to disrupt hot beverage foodservice with a new line of healthy bone and miso broths that are the perfect alternative to coffee and tea.

— Food NewsFeed

Best New Bone Broths

Living in ethnically diverse Los Angeles I didn’t think that such flavors existed in the ever so popular bone broth segment until I visited Nona Lim. They are doing something uniquely different.

— VivaLaFoodie

Winning Foodie Hearts

"Our favorite fresh ramen is from nona lim, and we absolutely love them. We will always tell you to buy fresh, or make your own. The dried variety is no comparison.”

— Fork to Summit



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