We look for exceptional female leaders who have demonstrated proof of concept in an attractive natural products category and have a big vision for the future.  Companies must have: 

  • Impressive, inspiring female leadership that share our culture
  • An outstanding, differentiated natural food, beverage or personal care product
  • A committed partnership with a few high quality, brand-building retailers
  • Robust new distribution pipeline focused on natural grocery, grocery, mass and club
  • Sustainable margins with ability to scale
  • Passionate, loyal and evangelical consumers
  • An appetite and vision to rapidly grow to $50M+ in gross sales
  • Overlap and alignment with our strategy to add meaningful value

We like to consider ourselves more partner capital than capital partner. 

We leverage our deep experience and network to help identify, solve for and eliminate sources of friction early in the business model, thus priming the company for outsized value expansion as it begins to scale. 

Capital to fund growth

  • Minority participation in Series A growth equity round.
  • Collaboration on future capital strategy

Accelerate business optimization
Our proprietary resource center allows for: 

  • Customized yet methodical integration of proven strategies and resources 
  • Accelerated insight generation and implementation.

Ambitious goals
Our definition of success is equally weighted between

  • Generating exceptional risk-adjusted returns for our investors; and
  • Developing the next generation of game-changing, business leaders