Big kids aren't babies anymore.  

Fresh Monster formulates and markets the leading safe, affordable, and effective natural haircare products that are designed and formulated just for kids.  




Press and Reviews

Shoppers say yes to no lists.

Nearly half of all shoppers regularly look at personal-care ingredient labels, according to the 2015 Values & Lifestyles Survey from consulting company CEB. Older millennials (ages 31 to 38) and Gen Xers (ages 39 to 51) are most likely to read the labels, CEB says..”

— WSJ.

A Natural Wonder

“Co-Founder Jean Sim keeps it real talking about juggling work and running a business.”

— Family Circle

Shaking Up the Shampoo Aisle

"What was out there wasn't meeting our needs. We spent a lot of time researching ingredients and ultimately found [safer] products were expensive — more expensive than most families could afford," Sim said.




No tears. No Toxins.  Just Bubbles. 

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