The Future of Womanhood.

Cora is revolutionizing the feminine care industry and redefining womanhood by pioneering products and content that fit women’s lifestyles and prioritize their wellness.  

Female Founder Profile: Molly has been a prominent voice in the National Women's Health Movement. 5 continents. 13 countries. 10 years. Those stats represent where her journey began working for women’s human rights and socio-economic empowerment around the world.  Read more of her story. 





Period Revolution.

“The bottom line is that periods are, have been, or will be a fact of life for 50 percent of the people who live on this planet. The stigma against menstruation needs to go.”

— Bustle

The Year of the Period.

“Last week, Cora organic tampons landed in select Target stores around the country and, making it easier for people to access more diverse and potentially safer period products on their way back to school.”

— Newsweek

The Future of the Period.

“It's this combined health, eco and social purpose that typifies the new approach to menstrual management. More and more, the future of periods is not just about focusing on our own needs and experience, but about helping to bring about change in other women's lives.”

— Refinery 29



Where'd you get your tampon? 

Asked no one, ever - until now.  See how coveted Cora can be .