Providing venture capital and strategic resources to the next generation of female leaders.



Focused Investment Strategy


Harbinger Ventures identifies, invests in and supports exceptional female entrepreneurs that have demonstrated proof of concept in an attractive natural products category.  Harbinger’s focused investment strategy is designed to support its primary objective: driving outstanding, risk-adjusted returns for its investors. 

Unequivocal Culture


We believe the most powerful driver of success is ultimately the people.  Our culture and the culture we look for in our portfolio companies is purposeful, unambiguous and consistent in its distinguishing characteristics.  How we do business is as important as the results we generate.


Exceptional Results


We believe that alignment around, implementation of and ultimately accountability to a specific set of value drivers reduces risk and maximizes upside in early stage companies.  We work hard to introduce an appropriate level of formality and methodology to this process to drive optimal outcomes and develop the next generation of leaders.