Providing growth equity and strategic resources to the next generation of female entrepreneurs.



Next Generation Investment Strategy


Harbinger Ventures is a leading growth-equity investment firm focused on identifying and scaling high-growth companies in the consumer sector.   

Our three dimensional investment strategy unlocks captive value. Harbinger brings the same level of discipline to its sector and growth-stage criteria as do other best-in-class firms, but further improves the risk/reward profile by adding a third dimension: the specific gender composition of leadership teams.

Transformative Partnerships


Harbinger works exclusively with early-stage companies that are led by female or mixed-gender founder teams, and incentivizes collaboration among its portfolio companies by giving each entrepreneur an equity stake in the portfolio.

Our hands-on approach and portfolio partnership model allows us to build trusted, transformative partnerships with and among entrepreneurs.

Exceptional Results


Harbinger’s unified portfolio is more than a collection of companies; it represents a cohesive vision and is composed of companies that are well-suited to supporting one another.

Every element of Harbinger’s strategy is designed to help foster a community in which its entrepreneurs can grow, succeed and breed natural synergies among companies. Ultimately, we believe our values create value.